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Alex Lebovits asked:

Our Daf Hayomi Shiur takes place in a boardroom with large reclining chairs. Is one allowed to use the reclining position during shiur? Sleeping and for sure snoring would seem to be disrespectful (except for the way R' Levi Yitzchok Berdichev would explain it) but what about the reclining position?

Best Regards

Alex Lebovits

The Kollel replies:

You write that 'sleeping and snoring would seem to be disrespectful'. What do you mean by 'would seem to be'?

I'm not aware of any specific prohibition of learning whilst reclining, and presume that a weak person or one who is sick may do so with impunity.

But I would think that for a healthy person to do so is a sign of disrespect. Initially, the Gemara in Megilah (21a) teaches us, they used to learn Torah standing (out of Kavod ha'Torah), and it was due a general weakness that after the death of Raban Gamliel, they permitted learning sitting down. It is doubtful that they included reclining in the concession.

In similar vein, the Gemara in B'rachos speaks about learning Torah 'with dread, with fear, with trembling and with perspiration'. Clearly, Torah goes together with Yir'as Shamayim, and reclining is hardly conducive with the fear of G-d.

During the Seider, one is supposed to lean to the left whilst eating Matzah and whilst drinking the four cups of wine, but this is strictly forbidden whilst reciting the Hagadah, Hallel or Bensching, say the Poskim. And I would assume that the same objection would apply to learning Torah in that fashion.

No, I don't think that reclining whilst studying Torah is a good idea, and I doubt whether someone who does so will grow much in his Torah-learning, either.

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv

Eliezer Chrysler

Alex Lebovits replies:

Dear R' Chrysler.

I am sorry I did not make myself clear.

My question of using the reclining position while learning was based on whether that position would be a sign of disrespect in front of the magid shiur who is considered his Rebbi. Similar to reclining in front of him during the seder.

I do however appreciate your points regarding reclining 'stam' while learning, which would have been a more worthier question to ask.

I also appreciate your last comment that one should not learn Torah the way one would read a newspaper!.

Thank you.

alex lebovits

The Kollel replies:

I think my answer solves your problem too.

May I add that even without my answer, if it is considered disrespectful to lean in front of one's Rebbe there where it is a Mitzvah to do so, how much more so there where it is not - leaving us with two reasons for not leaning during a Shi'ur.

Be'Virchas Kol Tuv.

Eliezer Chrysler.