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uword asked:

If can't burn tahor how can you burn teluah safek diaraasah l'chumra? and what does it mean ein ochal mtameh ochal a nevalah is mtameh? Thank You so much please answer right away

uword, usa

The Kollel replies:

(1) The Gemara in Bechoros (34a) explains that Rebbi Yehoshua (who permits Teluyah with Teme'ah) holds that there is no restriction of Mishmeres Terumosai on Teluyah, since Teluyah is not suitable for human consumption. The Pasuk of Mishmeres refers only to Terumah that is suitable for human consumption. Thus, we do not have a problem of Safek d'Oraisa, since there is definitely no restriction on Teluyah, even though it may in fact be Tehorah.

(2) Ein Ochel Metamei Ochel applies to things that are Tamei because they touched something Tamei (see Rambam, Hilchos Avos ha'Tum'ah 7:1). Neveilah has its own intrinsic Tum'ah and as such is not subject to this rule.

Dov Freedman