[8a - 34 lines; 8b - 44 lines]

1)[line 13]מנא תימראMENA TEIMRA- from where can you bring a proof

2)[line 17]שרטוןSEIRATON- a sand bank, silt

3)[line 23]פסיק לה לסורא באוזליPASIK LAH L'SURA B'UZLEI- he separated the Mavo'os of Sura from the sea with nets

4)[line 24]כרוך בודיאKARUCH BUDYA- they rolled up a mat of reeds

5)[line 26]כיון דנשיב ביה זיקא ושדי ליהKEIVAN D'NASHIV BEI ZIKA V'SHADI LEI- since a wind will blow it down

6)[line 27]סיכתאSICHSA- a peg (O.F. cheville)


(a)When there is a doubt as to whether an object is Tahor or Tamei, if the object is found in Reshus ha'Rabim the object is Tahor. If it is found in a private, concealed place, it is judged to be Tamei.

(b)This is learned from the case of the Sotah woman. In the case of a Sotah, where only two people were present at the time that there arose a question as to her status, she is judged Temei'ah/culpable and is prohibited to her husband (for a full discussion of the Sotah woman, see Background to Berachos 63:6). Similarly, whenever there are only two people present (i.e. a Reshus ha'Yachid l'Tum'ah), if a doubt arises regarding the status of a person or an object, he or it is judged to be Tamei. Whenever more than two people frequent a certain area, it is a Reshus ha'Rabim l'Tum'ah. If a doubt arises regarding the status of a person or an object, he or it is judged to be Tahor.


8)[line 5]מבוי העשוי כנדלMAVOY HE'ASUY K'NADAL- a Mavoy in the shape of a centipede; i.e. a large Mavoy which opens onto Reshus ha'Rabim at one end and has many small Mavo'os at its sides which connect it to other Reshuyos ha'Rabim (see Figures)

9)[line 17]מניח את הקורה באלכסוןMENI'ACH ES HA'KORAH B'ALACHSON- one may even place the Korah at an angle (and carry throughout the area enclosed by the Korah).

10a)[line 38]מלגיוMIL'GAV- on the inside (for the people of the Mavoy)

b)[line 38]מלברMIL'BAR- on the outside (for the people of Reshus ha'Rabim)

11)[line 41]בין לחייםBEIN LECHAYAYIM- the area in a Mavoy that is in line with the Lechi, between it and the opposite wall