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  Ereader E-Books - Download mobile device versions of D.A.F.'s extensive collection of material on the Talmud.
  Laz of Rashi - A fully searchable list of English words used by Rashi in the Talmud as Laz translations.
  Tana'im & Amora'im Historical Database - Historical background on the lives and times of the Tana'im and Amora'im
  Chanukah & Purim Shiurim - Rabbi Kornfeld's popular shiurim for Chanukah and Purim, with source sheets.
  Download video and audio Shiurim - Members can download MP3 and WMV versions of any of our online lectures.
  R. Kornfeld on the Parsha & Holidays - Enjoy a large number of Rabbi Kornfeld's Divrei Torah on the weekly Parasha and Jewish Holidays.
  Multiple Choice Quiz Booklets - Our popular review-quiz booklets, available for members to print or download free of charge.