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1. Rebbi Yochanan discusses a form of a domain that is considered both a private domain and a Karmelis.
2. Rav Chisda discusses the law in a case in which one throws an object onto a brick in the public domain.
3. There is a dispute about the status of a low patch of thorns in the public domain.
4. Rav discusses the law in the case of a house with walls that are less than ten Tefachim high on the inside, but are higher on the outside.
5. If a person digs out a four by four Tefach space in the case above (#4), it is possible to convert the house into a private domain.


1. Rebbi Yochanan discusses an area greater than the size of a Beis Se'asayim that is walled for a non-residential purpose. While the Rabanan forbade a person from carrying four Amos in such an area like the law of a Karmelis, if a person throws an object into this domain from a public domain he is liable according to Torah law for carrying from a public domain into a private domain.
2. If a person threw the object and it stuck to the side of the brick that was three Tefachim tall, he is liable, provided that it is less than three Tefachim from the ground of the public domain. If the object landed on top of the brick above three Tefachim from the ground, he is exempt, because the top of the brick is not considered part of the public domain. It is either a Karmelis or a Makom Petur, depending on the width of the brick.
3. Abaye and Rava: It is a Makom Petur, since people do not step on it because they do not want to get hurt. Chiya bar Rav: It is part of the public domain, since people do not mind stepping on it with their sandals or shoes.
4. If the ceiling of this house is very thick such that the outside walls are indeed ten Tefachim high, one may carry on the entire roof of the house, since it has the status of a private domain. However, the inside of the house is considered a Karmelis.
5. If -- from the floor of the four by four Tefach space -- there are ten Tefachim (or more) until the ceiling, it attains the status of a private domain.

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