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1. On Shabbos, one is permitted to throw his garbage from a Reshus ha'Yachid onto a public garbage dump that is ten Tefachim high.
2. The Gemara discusses the status of a yard which the public regularly uses as a shortcut.
3. There is a dispute about where to put a Korah if one wall is longer than the other wall by less than four Amos.
4. There is a dispute about whether one is permitted to carry directly underneath the Korah.
5. There is a dispute about whether one may attach hooks to the walls of the Mavoy and then place the Korah on those hooks.


1. There is no concern that the garbage dump became less than ten Tefachim high, and as a result he will be throwing from a Reshus ha'Yachid into a Reshus ha'Rabim.
2. The yard is a Reshus ha'Rabim with regard to Safek Tum'ah. That is, if one is in doubt about whether an object became Tamei there, it is deemed Tahor, as is the law of any Safek Tum'ah in Reshus ha'Rabim. However, with regard to Shabbos, it is deemed a Reshus ha'Yachid.
3. According to all opinions, if one wall is more than four Amos longer than the other wall, the Korah must be placed opposite the shorter wall (resting more than four Amos away from the end of the long wall). If it is less than four Amos long, there is a dispute about whether it may be placed diagonally, and whether people may carry in the area of the Mavoy between the Korah and Reshus ha'Rabim.
4. The Gemara suggests that everyone agrees that the Korah serves as a reminder, and the dispute is whether the reminder is for those outside the Mavoy or for those inside it. Alternatively, everyone agrees that the Korah serves as a partition, and the dispute is whether it is the outer side of the Korah which virtually descends or the inner side (see 4a).
5. In this case, the Korah is right outside the Mavoy, and not on top of its walls. Rav Chisda: If it is the inner side of the Korah which forms the virtual partition, then it is permitted. Rava: According to all opinions the Korah must be on top of the Mavoy, not outside of it.

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