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ERUVIN 92-95 (5-8 Teves) - Dedicated in memory of Max (Meir Menachem ben Shlomo ha'Levi) Turkel, by his children Eddie and Lawrence and his wife Jean Turkel/Rafalowicz. Max was a warm and loving husband and father and is missed dearly by his family and friends. His Yahrzeit is 5 Teves.


1. One may carry from his house onto his large roof even though a small roof (owned by another) is open to his roof.
2. One may not carry from his house into his small roof when a large roof is open to it.
3. The Mishnah teaches that similar laws (#1-2) apply to a Chatzer.
4. The Gemara applies the lesson of our Mishnah to the laws of Gitin.
5. The Gemara applies the lesson of our Mishnah to many other laws as well.


1. The opening of the large roof to the small roof is considered merely a doorway for the people of the large roof, since the fence on the side of the large roof encloses the roof to a certain degree.
2. This is because the small roof is considered wide open to the big roof, causing the small roof to require an Eruv with the large roof in order to permit carrying from the house to the small roof.
3. If a large Chatzer is open to a small Chatzer, the residents of the large Chatzer are permitted to carry from their homes into the Chatzer (provided that they made their own Eruv). However, the residents of the small Chatzer may not carry into their Chatzer even if they made their own Eruv.
4. If a woman is standing in her large Chatzer, and her husband throws a Get into her small Chatzer that is open to her large one, she is divorced. However, if she is in her small Chatzer and her husband throws the Get into the large Chatzer, she is not divorced. (This is according to the opinion that she must be in, or next to, the Chatzer when the Get lands in it.)
5. For example, if the men comprising the Minyan are in a large room and the Chazan is in a small room, they are considered one group. However, if the people are in a small room and the Chazan is in the large room, they are not considered one group.

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