TA'ANIS 24 - The Daf for 3 Teves (tonight) has been dedicated in memory of Hagaon Rav Yisroel Zev Gustman ZT"L (author of "Kuntresei Shiurim") and his wife, Rebbetzin Sarah Gustman (daughter of Hagaon Rav Meir Bassin, Dayan in Vilna) in honor of the Rebbetzin's Yahrzeit. Sponsored by a number of Rav Gustman's Talmidim (Harav Avrohom Feldman, Michael Starr and Mordecai Kornfeld).


TOSFOS DH ha'Sholeh Dag Min ha'Yam

תוספות ד"ה השולה דג מן הים

(SUMMARY: Tosfos explains that this is removing a fish from the sea.)

שולה כמו מגביה כיון שיבש בו כסלע אע"פ (הגהת הב"ח) שעדיין הוא מפרכס ובשעה שמפרכס חזר והשליכו לים חייב משום נטילת נשמה שהיא אב מלאכה,


"Sholeh" is like lifting. Once [the width of] a Sela (a coin worth four Zuz) dried, even if it is still quivering, and while it was quivering he cast it back to the sea, he is liable for killing, which is an Av Melachah;

דתנן (שבת דף עג.) השוחטו והמפשיטו גבי אבות מלאכות.


A Mishnah (Shabbos 73b) lists slaughtering and flaying among Avos Melachos.