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Our users describe what the Dafyomi Advancement Forum means to them:

A great place to start! Ever since reading about the beginning of a new daf yomi cycle last fall I have been intrigued to begin the study of the Talmud; unfortunately having a reform Judaic education--Talmud study was reduced mainly to overviews.

Now with a computer on-line, I've found your sight and am truly impressed. Your help will be appreciated--as an eager student awaits. Thank you,

Michael L., L.A., California

I am a novice at this and at 77 am beginning learning the daf.... I appreciate being able to come to the kollel with my questions since I am unable to attend a daf yomi shiur and must learn on my own with the Artscroll. The dafyomi cycle is my first experience with gemora.

Byron K., Southfield, Michigan

A valuable resource for the isolated I am studying and learning the Tractate Rosh Hashanah with the aid of the Artscroll Schottenstein Edition, Brooklyn. But I also make use of the different possibilities of your Daf Yomi, specially of the Charts for Learning and of the Review Questions on Gemara and Rashi which are very helpful. Kind regards,

Dr. Herbert P., Olten, Switzerland

Wow! You the man!!!! (which means in Texan: Thanks BIG TIME.!!!!) Nice to know someone else studies this material. Tizchl'mitzvas, and more to come.

Akiva A., Dallas, Texas

I searched too long to find your site. I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and to give you my heartfelt thanks for providing Torah Learning for those Jews like me who are isolated.

Richard, Sandy Springs, Georgia

Thank you for your kind, prompt and just reply. Your answer is perfect. Sincerely,

Moriyuki Abukuma, Tokyo, Japan

Excellent source material I would like to express my appreciation for the very meaningful work and effort which you make in producing the Insights into the daf. This serves as a source of inspiration and insight for myself and many others who share in some of the wonderful ideas which you bring down. I also find that it is an excellent reference. Very sincerely,

Gad G., Bnei Brak, Israel

Why don't you publish in a book this super super super great job! Tizke LaMitzvos,

Eliyahu O., Miami Beach, Florida

Easy to use Wow! You have really upgraded your site! Yasher Koach! This material is awesome! I was so impressed that I signed up myself, and moved "Dafyomi" to the first entry under "Talmud" at the Torahnet Page. You're doing a wonderful thing!

Eric S., "Torahnet"

May I thank-you for the opportunity I have had over the last 6 months of using your excellent dafyomi site. Not only is the content invaluable but as an HCI professional I find the overall site very userfriendly and imaginative. Kol Tuv,

Jeffrey S., Hendon, London

Ready-made curricular material I wanted to ask you if I could use the question and the point by point review for my 6,7,8,th grade classes. I already print out the insights sheets for myself. I want to print out the exact question sheets for my classes to do for homework. Please let me know if this is okay. Thanks,

Steven P., Teaneck, NJ

Thank you very much for the insights to the 5th perek of Brochos. I'm giving shiur in Yeshiva Ohr Yaakov, Zichron Yaakov. It's a daily shiur for beginners. I'm hoping the insights will add a bit of spice to the shiur. Thank you,

Yechezkel F., Zichron Yaakov, Israel

A major upgrade for your Dafyomi study I want to again commend you an your great and holy work. I myself got a Mazel Tov last week I just finished my first cycle with Kesubas and kind of feel that you have a Chelek in that for the extra insights I get from your work.

Steve S., Stamford, Connecticut

I mistakenly deleted my husband's email from you. He was very upset and I am hoping you can resend it to me. We recently started using your service and from what my husband tells me, it is very helpful to his daily learning. Thank you so much,

Shelley G., Passaic, N.J.

My son (in Beis Midrash in Long Beach NY) is now doing Daf Yomi and is really getting good use out of your files. Keep it up! Thank you for all the work of the DAF. Kol Tuv,

Ephraim N., L. A., California

I just want you to know that YOUR comments are read regularly and enrich my learning of the daf.

F. M. L., Professor Emeritus, Bar Ilan University, Israel

Helpful archives I joined this list at the beginning of eruvin and am chazering some sugya's in Shabbos that we learned last year and your sheets are always a big help. Thank you! Sincerely,

Elazar B., Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Forum's extensive archive is a special treat. Where I learn, for example, the Rosh Kollel asks me to print out the collection of "Insights" available for every daf of the tractate we're learning. They provide the whole kollel with material for discussion and debate.

Shlomo J., Moshav Matisyahu, Israel

A great way to prepare for a Gemara test Wow, i happened to look at this before the test, hopefully with hashem's help, i will get a good grade, but i'll keep you noted on what i got.

(later...) By the way thank you very much, i got a 90 on the final.

Mourad, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Thank you very much for all the information you sent me it was a great help in what i need, and yes i will give you my results when i get them as you played a big part in my information and resources... YOUR A CHAMP!! Bye for now,


Personal help when you're in a bind I just wanted to thank you for the referral to the English Daf Yomi in Ramot last month. I was able to attend a number of times. I continue to make excellent use of your daily summaries. They are an invaluable aid to my daf yomi shiur.

Yechiel C., Toronto, Canada

Thank you for your absolutely brilliant response. This is an example of the power of our global society via e-mail and the Internet, and how it could be used for Torah enlightenment. May this merit the ushering in of Moshiach. Good Shabbos,

Philip C., Middletown, N.Y.

Talmud to the rescue! I must share with you how I applied Talmudic principles to, of all things, safety in the office when working with electrical equipment.

Some of the people who report to me had developed the practice of working on computers without unplugging them first. I thought this was a bad practice so I told them not to do this. Quite a debate followed because the workers said that the voltages were low and therefore there was no reason to unplug the computers.

Then I thought of something that I had learned of in Daf Yomi. Very often the Rabbis would forbid a certain action because in doing this action, a person might come to think that some other action, which was a more serious or even Biblical violation, would also be permitted. So I applied this principle. I said, if you are careless working with low voltage, some day you might come to be careless with high voltage, and become injured or even, G-d forbid, lose your life.

We now have new, safe work practices at the office. And no one can tell me that learning Talmud is not practical in our modern age!

Bob N., Los Alamos, New Mexico

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