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  1. What is the Dafyomi Advancement Forum?
  2. The Dafyomi Advancement Forum, under the auspices of Kollel Iyun Hadaf, was founded in Elul, 5756 (August, 1996) by Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld in order to provide a free resource center for Dafyomi learners around the world.

    Since 1923, through the initiative of Rabbi Meir Shapiro and other world leaders of Jewry, Jews throughout the world have been united in the common study of the daily Daf of Gemara, covering the entire Talmud in a 7-year cycle. Tens of thousands of Dafyomi learners from dozens of countries are regularly receiving the Kollel's mailings through e-mail and the Interent.

    The Kollel's archives are in constant use by many who are not currently following the Dafyomi schedule as well. They have become an integral part of the curriculum of tens of schools around the world.

  3. How can D.A.F. help me?
  4. The members of Kollel Iyun Hadaf are all experienced scholars, teachers and writers, many of whom have served the Jewish community in rabbinic positions as community leaders and educators. They produce the following free mailings on the Daf in English and Hebrew:

    • Daf-Insights: Talmudic expositions that delve into the Daf and broaden Dafyomi perspectives; in-depth Halachic and Agaddic analyses; charts and graphics.

    • Daf-Background: translations; brief abstracts on less familiar topics; help with hard-to-read lines; textual, historical and geographical notes.

    • Daf-Review: a comprehensive review quiz of the Daf - includes both questions and answers.

    • Daf-Discuss: members of Kollel Iyun Hadaf research questions on the Daf submitted by readers and share some of their answers in a public forum.

    • Daf-Points: the entire Daf is rearranged into easy-to-read outline form.

    • Galei Masechta (Hebrew): a concise review of the Gemara's conclusions which makes it possible to review entire Masechtos in a matter of minutes.

    • Yosef Da'as (Hebrew): (1) a compendium of insights on the Daf, culled from the works of the major commentaries; (2) a Halachic review of the Talmud's in question and answer form, including many references to responsa from the Torah giants of the past and present.

    • Audio lectures: recordings of our stimulating in-depth lectures on the Daf and on historical topics.

    The Kollel maintains publicly available archives on the entire Talmud of their mailings.


  5. Who is behind Kollel Iyun Hadaf?
  6. Operating out of the P'nei Shmuel Synagogue of Har Nof, Jerusalem, the Kollel Iyun Hadaf scholars study the Daf in depth in the mornings and work on their computers in the afternoons, composing study material on the Daf. Visitors to Israel are welcome to stop by and meet the Kollel.

    Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld, founder and Rosh Kollel of Kollel Iyun Hadaf, has been teaching Torah in Israel for over ten years. A close disciple of Hagaon Rav Yisroel Zev Gustman, zt'l, Rabbi Kornfeld works tirelessly on behalf of Torah dissemination. He was one of the first Rabbis to use the Internet to teach Torah, as his innovative insights in the "Weekly Parasha-Page" has been e-mailed to thousands of readers across the globe since 1993 (a collection of these essays have been published in Torah from the Internet, 1998, Judaica Press), which is available for purchase on this site.

    Rabbi Mordecai Kornfeld

    With the encouragement and blessings of Jewish leaders and educators such as the Ge'onim Harav Shlomo Wolbe, Harav Moshe Shapiro, Harav Nachman Bulman Z'L, Harav Aharon Feldman, Harav Berel Wein and Harav Gedalya Rabinowitz (Manostrishtcher Rebbe), the vast potential of modern telecommunications is being harnessed by Kollel Iyun Hadaf to bring Torah to thousands.


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  8. "Your material is excellent. It's like having a Rebbe at my side!"
    E.R., New York

    "I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your work on Daf Yomi -- it has enhanced my learning tremendously."
    Joshua S., Jerusalem

    "I refer to your comments (D.A.F.) all the time. I enjoy your Background and Insights and they often help me to understand the sugya."
    Eitan F., Monsey, New York

    "The review list is a great idea, very helpful and a great form of chazara. Thank you."
    Daniel T., Jerusalem

    "Your D-A-F is excellent. The 'Discussion' is super! I am sure many, many people get wonderful assistance and help from your virtual shiur."
    Yosey G., Baltimore, MD

    "Your mailing lists help me very much with Daf Yomi study. Because I am by myself with no teacher and no one else to study Daf Yomi, your notes and charts are very important."
    Bob N., Bismarck, North Dakota

    "Your internet Daf Yomi has most positively changed my life in learning the Daf Yomi. Thank you for the wonderful innovation."
    Jeff R., Jerusalem

    "I would just like you to know that your Daf Yomi notes have may supporters even here."
    Yisroel P., Melbourne, Australia

    "Yasher Kochachem on your explanations of the Sugya of Breirah. Thanks to you, I understood the subject better than any time in the past."
    Benjie G., Jerusalem

    "Thanks for a job fantastically done. I joined your list in Kerisus and have enjoyed it tremendously. Once again thanks and Tizku L'Mitzvos."
    Boruch S., Toronto, Canada

    "Thank you for your precise response and precious time you took to respond. I must also thank you for the way you give us a clear and concise synopsis of the psak halacha each day on hilchos brochos."
    Nosson M., Brooklyn, NY

    "My husband really enjoys the questions and answers that you send, and he shares it with the other people in the Daf Yomi chabura in Lakewood."
    A.K., Lakewood, NJ

    "Thank you very much.... Your work is a great Kidush Hashem."
    Bernard G., Lausanne, Switzerland

    "Thank you for all and 'Hazak!"
    Chlomo O., Paris, France

    "Please translate to Spanish."
    Benjamin Z., Argentina

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