PESACHIM 12-15 - Two weeks of study material have been dedicated by Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer to honor the sixth Yahrzeit of her father, Reb Mordechai ben Eliezer Zvi (Rebbi Morton Weiner) Z'L, who passed away 18 Teves 5760. May the merit of supporting and advancing Dafyomi study, which was so important to him, during the weeks of his Yahrzeit serve as an Iluy for his Neshamah.


BURNING TAMEI OILS TOGETHER (Yerushalmi Halachah 7 Daf 6b)

משנה הוסיף ר' עקיבה מימיהן של כהנים לא נמנעו מלהדליק את השמן שנפסל בטבול יום בנר שניטמא בטמא מת אף על פי שמוסיפין לו טומאה על טומאתו


(Mishnah): Rebbi Akiva added that the Kohanim never refrained from burning oil that had become pasul through a Tevul Yom (someone who was Tamei and immersed today; a light level of tumah remains upon him until nightfall) in a lamp that had become Tamei through something that is Tamei Mes, even though it was increasing the level of tumah.

[דף ז עמוד א] גמרא על דעתיה דר' יוחנן תמן שורפין טומאת תורה עם טומאת תורה. ובא להוסיף פסול תורה עם טומא' תורה. על דעתי' דבר קפרא תמן שורפין טומאת דבריהן עם טומאת תורה והכא פסול תורה עם טומאת תורה לא בא אלא לפחות


(Gemara - Question): According to Rebbi Yochanan there (in the previous Mishnah, that the Vlad hatumah is from the Torah, see 14-1(c)), that they were burning a Torah tumah with a Torah tumah, here Rebbi Akiva adds that they would even burn an item that was a Torah pasul (shelishi of Terumah) with a Torah tumah (thereby turning it into a rishon). However, according to Bar Kafra, there (in the previous Mishnah) they were burning Rabbinic tumah with Torah tumah but here was a Torah pasul with a Torah tumah - in which case Rebbi Akiva is saying less than the previous Mishnah?!

תיפתר בטבול יום מבית פרס שהוא מדבריהן


Answer: The Mishnah is referring to a Rabbinic tevul yom, who became Tamei from a Beis hapras (see previous Mishnah14-1(m)1.). (Note: the following part - (d) - is left out of some texts and part (e) is a statement rather than an answer).

רבי חנניה סגן הכהנים שנייה משם בית שמאי ובית הלל


Question (against Rebbi Yochanan): Rebbi Chaninia Segan HaKohanim is resolved, that his law teaches that all agree that one may burn a Torah tumah with another Torah tumah. However, according to Rebbi Akiva who only discusses burning a Torah pasul with a Torah tumah, his opinion is the same as Beis Hillel and therefore superfluous?!

א"ר מנא קומי ר' יוסי ר' עקיבה כדעתיה דר' עקיבה אמר יטמא דבר תורה


Answer (Rebbi Mana): Rebbi Akiva follows his reasoning that on a Torah level, food can Metamei (make impure) other food. (Rebbi Akiva is teaching in the Mishnah that one can turn a shlishi into a rishon. This could not have been learned from Beis Hillel.)

א"ר יוסי בי ר' בון אע"ג דלית ליה לר' ישמעאל יטמא יטמא באוכלין אית ליה יטמא יטמא בכלים


(Rebbi Yosi bei Rebbi Bun): Even though Rebbi Yishmael does not agree to the derasha of "yitmah" which teaches the law of food being Metamei food, he does have a derasha of the word "yitmah" (in reference to liquids) to teach that vessels can become Tamei.

אית תניי תני טמא מת אית תניי תני בטמא מת


In the Mishnah, when discussing a lamp that had become Tamei, one version of the text states that it had become Tamei through touching a corpse ("Tamei mes"). Another version states that it was Tamei through touching something that had touched a corpse ("b'Tamei mes").

מאן דאמר טמא מת בכלי שטף. מאן דאמר בטמא מת


Question: According to the opinion that it was through touching a corpse directly, it refers to a Tahor wooden lamp that had touched a mes (corpse). (It became an Av hatumah and the liquids that it touches become a rishon. Therefore, Rebbi Akiva is teaching that one may turn a shlishi into a rishon.) However, according to the opinion that it was through touching something that touched a mes, then the lamp became a rishon and the oil inside it a sheni. If so, what has Rebbi Akiva added by permitting it?

בכלי מתכות


Answer: The lamp was made from metal. (Therefore, even if a Tamei mes (who is an Av hatumah) touched it, it also became an Av hatumah and the oil became a rishon.)

מה טעמא


Question: What is the source (that wooden vessels do not become an Av hatumah upon touching a Tamei mes)?

(במדבר יט) וכל כלי פתוח וגומר טמא הוא הוא טמא ואינו נעשה אב הטומאה לטמא


Answer (Bamidbar 19,15): "And any open vessel....it is Tamei" - it is Tamei, but it does not become an Av hatumah to be Metamei other things.